As an Insurer, our experience has shown that the largest and most dangerous risks encountered by all company operators are fire and natural catastrophes, such as flood and earthquakes. Therefore, seeking a Fire Insurance Policy Coverage from Asia Insurance (Cambodia) will cover you and your company against fire, lightning, and explosion of gas burners used for domestic purposes. To meet any additional requirement subject to your company’s activities, additional endorsements which purposefully extend the scope of your coverage, can include coverage for risks such as windstorm, explosion, flood, water damage, earthquake, vehicle & aircraft impact, smoke damage, and strike - riot. To further extend the interests of company operators, additional coverage for consequential loss in the form of a Business Interruption Policy to cover their loss after an industrial accident took place, like loss of profit and fixed expenses such as expenses for staffs’ salary etc., are also available.


As the title suggests, Business Interruption or Consequential Loss insurance provides financial compensation to commercial policy holders who suffer loss of income following damages caused by fire or other perils. Although a commercial fire policy covers such expenses as the cost of clearing debris and rebuilding premises, the replacement of machinery, equipment, stock and other types of property, it does not provide for loss of income whilst rebuilding or repairs are being carried out.

As all commercial enterprises rely on their ability to maintain an uninterrupted flow of work in order to ensure a constant level of income from which they derive their profits, Asia Insurance (Cambodia)'s Business Interruption or Consequential Loss insurance coverage, exists to provide you with a form of indemnity which will help your organization survive the difficult period during which your business activities are interrupted following a fire or other perils.


Recent events proved that all things are uncertain. Sometimes, an accident may not be as far as one may think. Therefore, a compulsory insurance for commercial vehicles naturally becomes the featuring star of the insurance market since the Insurance Law has come into effect on June 30th, 2000. Accordingly, all organization, company and commercial vehicles are now required by law to have Liability Insurance Coverage. Failure to be properly covered, or show proof of coverage, may carry stiff penalties which include fines, and prevention from circulating freely. Asia Insurance (Cambodia)’s Motor Vehicle policy can help you to comply with the law, by covering your liability against a third party. Also with the additional options, our policy can protect your vehicle from any loss or damage due to collision, impact, fire, running off the road, or theft. Should your vehicle be involved in an accident, you may access our 24 hour hotline any day of the week, including holidays.


For the majority of industrial concerns nowadays, interdependency means international interdependency. Few manufacturers trade exclusively within their own national boundaries, and few obtain their plant and machinery and raw materials, for example, from within their own countries. Modern business is thus exposed to the risks of international transit, including marine cargo risks. At Asia Insurance (Cambodia), we stand prepared to offer a range of marine business covers where vital plant and machinery, or raw materials are being sent by sea, waterways, land or air from the manufacturer to the intended user. In this way, the cover, which includes temporary storage in mid transit, can provide you with full protection and peace of mind.


If you are an employer or factory owner, and wish to fully comply with the local Labour Law, one has to bear in mind his workers’ liability in the case of any work related accident. Such problems can be resolved by simply transferring this kind of burden over to us. Asia Insurance (Cambodia)’s Workmen Compensation Policy is designed to provide four different types of benefits. i.e. medical care, death, disability and rehabilitation for employee’s work related injuries or diseases as a matter of right regardless of fault.


Have you ever worried about your property being burglarized during the nighttime, or when you are not at home? If so, Asia Insurance (Cambodia)’s Burglary Insurance Policy can provide peace of mind throughout the night or away on travel. Our Burglary Policy covers you against loss of property as a result of a burglary via forcible means of entry.


Extreme climates, dirty food, long working hours or unsanitary environments. Any of these can cause you concern for your health, or your company’s personnel medical welfare. Try to imagine how good it would be if there was someone who could help you to absorb expenses incurred during hospitalization, or from a visit to your doctor.

Asia Insurance (Cambodia) is here to help. Employers and individuals alike are now offered three alternative Medical Insurance schemes to protect their staff members, themselves, and their families as follows.

- Domestic plan
- Regional plan
- International plan


Asia Insurance (Cambodia)’s Personal Accident Insurance Policy provides compensation to the Insured in respect of his death, disablement or loss of limb, including medical expenses whilst the Insured is being hospitalized due to a violent accident.


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In principle, this type of insurance policy covers the contractors scope of work, any physical damage to material, and possible third party liabilities arising out of the construction activities.

You may ask why a CAR policy contains any liability coverage. The answer is in two parts. First, it is required to comply with the laws and contract conditions. And second, it is clearly advantageous for the employer and main contractor to be sure that none of the participants in the joint venture are without insurance protection against claims from any Third Party visiting the site. The smooth working and cooperation on the work site, would be greatly compromised if one of the concerned contractors had to defend himself against a Third Party Lawsuit, without the financial resources and legal expertise of an insurer like Asia Insurance (Cambodia).


All persons engaged in the installation and erection of machinery for a project, have the possibility to cover the perils for which they are responsible either by law or by the conditions of a supply contract. Asia Insurance (Cambodia)’ s EAR policy protects principals and contractors, as well as the manufacturers whom erect plants and machinery, against any financial loss due to a sudden and unforeseen damage of property, machinery, structures and installation etc. on the site whilst being stored, installed, tested and commissioned.


What is Constructors' Plant and Equipment Insurance? Belonging to the group of Engineering Insurances, CPE insurance is meant to cover physical loss or damage which the contractors' plant and equipment could suffer, whether at rest or in operation, as a result of fire, collision, impact of all kinds, overturning, crashing into ditches or downhill, flood and storm, theft, malicious damage, etc. Internal breakdown, for example breakage of gears, is not covered unless it is a direct effect of external impact.

Today's construction machinery or plant often represents a large capital investment. Hence any accident causing a large physical loss or extensive damage to such plant may untimely cut-off the anticipated return on such an investment. Asia Insurance (Cambodia)'s Contractors' Plant All Risk Policy can protect interested contractors against the negative impacts of machinery accidents without any excessive financial commitments.


Sometimes your operation or activity can cause you to be engaged in some form of legal liability. The smooth running of your operation could be compromised if you have to spend a lot of time and money to defend yourself in a Court of Law. Asia Insurance (Cambodia)’s Public Liability Insurance Policy will cover you for all sums you may become legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury or property damage, to a third party due to negligence.


I.A.R. policy is now an accepted alternative method of providing broad cover to the standard fire and special perils policies. This type of policy is considered today as the broadest type of property policy that can be purchased. Your property will be automatically covered from most natural perils, in particular, any fortuitous damages which are not specified under the policy exclusions.


In each and every day life, one simply cannot avoid the many perils, and responsibilities attached with the day-to-day handling of money or cash. Whether making a simple deposit or withdraw at your local bank, or simply safeguarding your monetary assets or petty cash reserves at your place of business.

Asia Insurance (Cambodia) can assist you in providing peace of mind through its Money Insurance policy, which covers money in transit or money kept on business premises.


Besides the various insurance products featured in this website, Asia Insurance (Cambodia) has on offer many other types of insurance products & services to cover your particular risks.

Should your insurance requirements be other than the insurance products contained in this website, please feel free to contact us.  We will be very pleased to answer and satisfy any queries or questions you may have.